DJI Mini 3 Pro RC controller connected to a USB-C cable for charging.

Drones have revolutionized the way we capture the world, offering new perspectives from the skies. If you’ve recently acquired a DJI Mini 3 Pro, you’re likely eager to explore its capabilities. An essential step before any flight is ensuring your equipment, especially the RC (Remote Controller), is fully charged. Here’s a detailed guide on how to effectively charge your DJI Mini 3 Pro RC controller to keep your drone flying without interruptions.

Understanding Your DJI Mini 3 Pro RC Controller

The DJI Mini 3 Pro comes with an innovative RC controller that’s designed for ease of use and enhanced flight experience. Before diving into the charging process, it’s important to understand the type of controller you have, as DJI offers different versions, including controllers with built-in screens.

What You’ll Need

  • USB-C Cable: The DJI Mini 3 Pro RC controller charges via a USB-C port, which allows for fast and efficient charging.
  • Power Adapter: While you can use a standard USB power adapter, using one that supports fast charging (if compatible) can speed up the process.

Step-by-Step Charging Process

  1. Locate the USB-C Port: First, locate the USB-C charging port on your controller. It’s typically found on the bottom or side of the controller, depending on the model.
  2. Connect the USB-C Cable: Insert the USB-C cable into the port on the controller. Ensure the cable is securely connected and not loose.
  3. Plug into Power Source: Connect the other end of the USB-C cable to a power adapter. Then, plug the adapter into a power outlet. You can also connect it to a computer or power bank, but charging may be slower compared to a wall outlet.
  4. Charging Indicator: Most DJI controllers have LED indicators that show the charging status. The LED will typically pulse or display a solid light while charging and change color or turn off when fully charged.
  5. Charge Time: Charging times can vary, but typically, it takes about 2 hours to fully charge the controller. It’s best to refer to the user manual for specific charging times as they can vary based on the model and the charger used.
  6. Unplug After Charging: Once the controller is fully charged, disconnect the USB-C cable from the controller and the power source. It’s a good practice to unplug the charger to conserve energy and ensure safety.

Tips for Maintaining Battery Health

  • Avoid Overcharging: Do not leave the controller plugged in for an extended period after it’s fully charged. Overcharging can reduce battery life over time.
  • Use Original Chargers: For best results and to avoid damage, use the charger that came with your device or a high-quality third-party charger that complies with DJI’s specifications.
  • Keep the Controller Cool: Charge in a cool, dry place to prevent overheating.


Keeping your DJI Mini 3 Pro RC controller charged is crucial for uninterrupted flying sessions. By following these simple steps, you can ensure that your controller is always ready for your next adventure. Remember, proper care and regular charging can help maintain the controller’s battery health, enhancing your overall drone flying experience. Happy flying!



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