Aerial view of a drone flying over a scenic German landscape, symbolizing the necessity of drone insurance in Germany.

Why do I even need drone insurance?

Drone insurance is important for several reasons, especially as drone usage becomes more prevalent in both recreational and commercial settings:

  1. Financial Protection: Drone insurance can protect you from significant financial losses if your drone causes damage to property or injures someone. Repairing or replacing property, or covering medical costs can be expensive, and having insurance helps manage these potential expenses.
  2. Legal Requirements: In many countries, including some areas within the European Union, drone operators are legally required to have liability insurance, particularly if the drones are used for commercial purposes. This insurance must cover potential damages caused by drone operations.
  3. Risk Management: Flying drones, even with a lot of precautions, involves risks such as accidental crashes or unexpected malfunctions. Insurance serves as a risk management tool, ensuring that you’re covered in case something goes wrong.
  4. Credibility and Trust: For commercial drone operators, having insurance not only protects against financial risk but also boosts credibility with clients and partners. It reassures them that their property and interests are protected when they hire your services.
  5. Access to More Locations: Some regions and properties require proof of insurance before allowing drone flights. Having insurance can open up more opportunities for diverse filming locations or commercial drone operations.

In essence, drone insurance provides peace of mind, allowing you to focus on flying your drone safely and legally, while also protecting your financial interests and compliance with regulations.

How much is drone insurance in Germany?

The cost of drone insurance in Germany can vary depending on several factors, including whether the drone is used for recreational or commercial purposes. Here’s an overview based on the latest findings:

  1. Recreational Use: For hobbyists who use drones non-commercially, the insurance costs can be quite reasonable. A typical drone liability insurance for private use might cost around 30 EUR per year. This type of insurance generally covers personal liability for accidental damages caused by drone operations.
  2. Commercial Use: For professional drone operators, the cost of drone insurance is higher due to the increased risks and potential liabilities involved. Prices for commercial drone insurance can start around 120 EUR per year and can increase based on the coverage limits, the value of the drone, and the specific operational requirements of the business.
  3. Insurance Coverage: Most policies provide coverage for damages that the drone may cause to third parties, whether these are injuries or property damage. Higher premiums might offer additional features such as coverage for the drone itself in case of loss or damage, as well as coverage for cyber events and privacy violations.

It’s also important to consider that some insurance policies require the drone to be registered and that the pilot adheres to local flying regulations to be covered in case of an incident.

For those looking to insure their drone in Germany, it’s advisable to compare offers from several insurance providers to find the best coverage that fits your specific needs. Tools like Verivox or Tarifcheck can be helpful for comparing different policies.

What are the top 5 drone insurance providers in Germany?

Finding the right drone insurance in Germany can be crucial for both recreational and commercial pilots. Based on the latest information and options available, here are five recommended drone insurance providers in Germany that offer comprehensive coverage tailored to various needs:

  1. Getsafe: Known for its digital-first approach, Getsafe offers a user-friendly platform for managing drone insurance. Their policies are designed to be flexible and affordable, catering especially to private drone users. Getsafe provides essential liability coverage that can be easily accessed and managed through their app, making it a great choice for tech-savvy drone enthusiasts.
  2. Coverdrone: Specializing in drone insurance, Coverdrone offers policies that are fully compliant with EU regulation EC785/2004. They provide extensive coverage options that include in-flight insurance, aviation liability, and protection against data breaches and privacy invasion, suitable for both hobbyists and professional operators.
  3. DMO – Deutsche Modellsport Organisation: DMO offers a particularly broad coverage that includes not only the usual liability but also insurance for borrowed or rented drones. Their policies cover an unlimited number of drones and offer worldwide protection, except in countries at war or under embargo. This makes DMO an excellent option for those who might operate drones in various locations globally.
  4. Global Aerospace: As a leading provider in aviation insurance, Global Aerospace extends its expertise to drones, offering policies that cover single drones or entire fleets. Their coverage is comprehensive, including third-party liability and medical expense coverage, suitable for professional drone operations with high demands.
  5. Allianz: As one of the largest insurers worldwide, Allianz provides tailored drone insurance policies that include liability coverage for both personal and commercial use. Their policies are known for reliability and the backing of a globally recognized insurance provider.

These providers offer various options that can suit different types of drone operations, from casual hobby flying to more intensive commercial activities. When choosing a drone insurance provider in Germany, consider factors like the scope of coverage, ease of managing the insurance, customer service, and, of course, the cost. Always ensure that the insurance meets all legal requirements for flying drones in your specific regions or the regions you plan to operate your drone.

Is it worth getting drone insurance?

Yes, getting drone insurance is generally worth it for several compelling reasons, especially if you regularly use your drone or if you use it for commercial purposes:

  1. Financial Protection: Drones can be expensive, and so can the damage they might cause. Insurance can protect you from the financial burden of repairing or replacing your drone if it’s damaged, lost, or stolen. More importantly, it can cover liability claims if your drone accidentally damages someone else’s property or causes injury.
  2. Legal Compliance: In many regions, having liability insurance is a legal requirement for operating drones, especially for commercial activities. Ensuring you meet these legal requirements can save you from potential fines and legal issues.
  3. Risk Management: Flying a drone comes with inherent risks, regardless of a pilot’s skill level. Unpredictable elements like weather, wildlife, or technical failures can lead to accidents. Insurance acts as a safety net, allowing you to manage these risks more effectively.
  4. Enhanced Credibility: For commercial drone operators, having insurance not only protects financially but also boosts credibility with clients and partners. It shows that you are professional and serious about your business, increasing client trust and potentially leading to more business opportunities.
  5. Peace of Mind: Knowing that you’re covered in case of accidents or damage can give you peace of mind, allowing you to focus more on flying your drone and less on worrying about potential accidents.

Overall, whether for recreational or commercial use, drone insurance offers significant benefits that can outweigh the costs, making it a wise investment for drone operators.


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