Holy Stone HS720G flying over a scenic landscape, showcasing its aerial photography capabilities.

The Holy Stone an alternative to DJI?

Diving into the world of aerial photography with the Holy Stone HS720G offers an exhilarating blend of advanced technology and affordability. This drone emerges as a formidable contender to the renowned DJI Mavic drones, equipped with a 4K camera poised on a two-axis gimbal for impeccably stabilized footage. At a price point below $300, it not only promises stunning 4K video capture but also introduces an array of features such as Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS), follow me, and point of interest modes, all while ensuring ease of control through its 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connectivity. Whether you’re a budding drone enthusiast or a seasoned videographer looking for a budget-friendly option, the HS720G stands out as a compelling choice, offering a blend of performance and value that’s hard to beat.

Highlights to take away:

  • The Holy Stone HS720G is a consumer drone featuring a 4K camera with two-axis gimbal stabilization, positioning it as a direct competitor to DJI Mavic drones, particularly appealing due to its sub $300 price point.
  • It includes features such as EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization), follow me, point of interest modes, brushless motors, and operates over 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi, offering connectivity for video recording through an app.
  • The drone package comes with a single 2950mAh battery providing approximately 26 minutes of flight time, extra propellers, a screwdriver, and a USB-A to USB-C cable for charging. The controller, which requires AA batteries, has a dedicated LCD for flight information and QR code for app connection.
  • Setup involves a straightforward calibration process for the drone and downloading a specific app for smartphone connectivity, allowing users to capture 4K video. The app and controller offer various flight and camera settings, including resolution options, flight modes (e.g., tripod, sports), and battery status.
  • Flight tests demonstrated the drone’s stability and smooth footage capture, even in windy conditions, with features like follow me and orbit flight adding to its versatility. Despite the competitive features, choosing between a used DJI model and a new HS720G depends on preferences for brand and new versus used condition.

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Nevertheless, here are my highlights about the HS720G.

High-Quality Imagery and Stabilization

The HS720G, equipped with a 4K camera featuring a Sony sensor, offers imagery that can only be described as crisp and vivid. The addition of a 2-axis gimbal and Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) ensures that each frame captured is as smooth as it is clear, making every shot worthy of professional use or personal archives. The stability provided by these features, even in challenging conditions, has turned moments of flight into opportunities for stunning aerial cinematography.

Advanced Navigation Systems

Precision in flight is paramount, and the HS720G delivers with GPS and GLONASS support, ensuring exact positioning for intricate flight paths and maneuvers. This accuracy is crucial for tasks like mapping or executing pre-planned routes in videography projects. Moreover, the optical flow positioning bolsters the drone’s stability indoors or in GPS-compromised environments, offering peace of mind when flying in less-than-ideal locations.

User-Friendly Design

The foldable design of the HS720G isn’t just for show. It enhances the drone’s portability and protects its components, making it a trusty companion for adventurers eager to document their journeys. Coupled with a convenient carrying case, it underscores the drone’s appeal to those on the move, ensuring that beauty can be captured from the peaks of mountains to the heart of bustling cities.

Performance and Durability

Powered by brushless motors, the HS720G’s flight performance is both strong and reliable. The efficiency, durability, and low maintenance of brushless motors are evident in every takeoff and landing, highlighting the drone’s capability to endure through extensive use. This resilience is particularly appreciated when embarking on prolonged shooting sessions or navigating through complex landscapes.

Flight Time and Range

A notable flight time of 26 minutes per battery offers ample opportunity for exploration and creativity. Coupled with a control range of up to 999 meters, the HS720G encourages adventurers to push boundaries, whether in capturing expansive landscapes or zooming in on details unseen from the ground. This combination of flight time and range presents a freedom in drone piloting that is both exhilarating and liberating.

Final Thoughts

The Holy Stone HS720G melds performance with innovation, creating a drone that’s as enjoyable to pilot as it is effective in capturing the world’s hidden beauties. Its blend of high-quality imaging, precise navigation, user-focused design, robust performance, and impressive range makes it a versatile choice suited to a wide array of interests and skill levels. From the thrilling heights of drone flight to the subtle nuances of aerial photography, the HS720G is a tool that transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary, making every flight a journey worth taking.

For those intrigued by the possibilities it presents, the Holy Stone HS720G is more than just a drone; it’s a gateway to new perspectives, awaiting at the Holy Stone website for further exploration.

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