Aerial view of a drone in flight, showcasing the technology behind Follow-Me mode, absent in the DJI Avata.

What is the Follow-me mode?

Follow-me mode is a feature available on some drones that allows the drone to automatically follow a subject, usually the remote control or a GPS-enabled device, maintaining a consistent distance. This mode is particularly useful for capturing video footage of moving subjects, such as during sports activities, hiking, or even casual walking. The drone uses a combination of GPS/GLONASS to track the movement of the subject and maintain focus, ensuring that the subject remains in the frame without needing manual control for movement.

This autonomous flying feature enhances the user’s experience by providing hands-free operation, making it easier to record dynamic videos while engaging in activities. It’s ideal for creating smooth and stable footage when filming scenes involving motion, providing a unique aerial perspective that can enhance the visual appeal of the recorded content.

What is the DJI Avata designed for?

The DJI Avata is the latest FPV (First Person View) drone introduced by DJI, packaged in a compact Cinewhoop frame. This drone has been designed to deliver an immersive flying experience, packed with robust capabilities that cater to both beginners and experienced FPV pilots. However, one common question among potential users is whether the DJI Avata comes equipped with a follow-me mode.

Does DJI Avata Have a Follow-Me Mode?

Contrary to many of DJI’s standard drones, the DJI Avata lacks a follow-me mode or Active Track features. This decision is intentional, aligning with the drone’s design philosophy. The Avata is crafted primarily for manual control, offering an unfiltered and direct flying experience that FPV enthusiasts crave. This means no automated tracking or obstacle avoidance systems are included, emphasizing skillful manual flight above automated convenience.

Reasons Behind the Absence of Follow-Me Mode

The DJI Avata is not just another drone; it is a specialized tool designed to provide a thrilling FPV experience. The absence of follow-me and Active Track modes is due to several reasons:

  • Manual Focus: Avata is designed to be piloted manually to give users complete control, which is a fundamental aspect of FPV flying.
  • Hardware Limitations: The drone lacks the necessary hardware components, such as advanced sensors and enhanced computing power, which are crucial for supporting sophisticated features like follow-me or Active Track.

Impact of No Follow-Me Mode

The lack of these features means that the Avata is not the drone for those looking to capture automated footage of moving subjects. Instead, it excels in environments where the pilot’s full attention and control are possible and preferred. This design choice ensures that the Avata delivers a pure and exhilarating FPV experience, perfect for racing and agile maneuvers in tight spaces.

Alternatives with Follow-Me Mode

For those who prioritize follow-me functionality, other drones in the DJI lineup may be more suitable. Drones like the DJI Mini 3 Pro and the DJI Mavic 3 come equipped with follow-me and Active Track capabilities, making them ideal for users who need a drone to automatically track their movements during activities such as hiking, cycling, or vlogging.

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