A detailed lineup of Autel Robotics drones, highlighting different models with unique features.

Autel Robotics has steadily carved out a niche in the drone market, offering a variety of models that cater to both hobbyists and professional users. With a reputation for quality and innovation, Autel’s drones are highly regarded for their advanced features and robust performance. In this blog post, we will delve into the different series and models of drones offered by Autel Robotics, helping you understand their unique features and find the right drone for your needs.

Autel EVO Nano Series

The EVO Nano series is designed for portability and ease of use, making it a perfect choice for hobbyists and amateur photographers looking to capture stunning aerial shots.

  • EVO Nano – This drone is the entry-level model in the Nano series, but don’t let that fool you. It’s compact and lightweight, making it incredibly easy to carry on any adventure. It offers impressive camera capabilities for its size, ensuring you capture great photos and videos without the bulk of larger drones.
  • EVO Nano+ – Building on the strengths of the EVO Nano, the Nano+ enhances the camera further, offering superior image quality and low-light performance. It’s ideal for those who prioritize photographic quality and want a drone that remains easy to transport.

Autel EVO Lite Series

For those looking for a bit more power and capability in their aerial equipment, the EVO Lite series offers advanced features without compromising on the compact design.

  • EVO Lite – The EVO Lite is geared towards enthusiasts who need more from their photography and videography sessions. It provides excellent image quality and a robust set of features while maintaining a sleek, portable form factor.
  • EVO Lite+ – The premium model of the Lite series, the EVO Lite+ features an advanced camera system capable of capturing 6K video and delivering professional-grade photos. It’s perfect for users who demand high-end visual outputs from their drone flights.

Autel EVO II Series

The EVO II series is designed for professional use, offering high-resolution video capabilities and dual-sensor options for versatile operations.

  • EVO II – The standard model in this series features 8K video recording, making it one of the few drones on the market capable of such high-resolution output. It’s built to meet the demands of professionals who need detailed aerial footage.
  • EVO II Pro – With a 6K camera and adjustable aperture, the EVO II Pro gives professional photographers and videographers more control over their imaging, making it easier to capture the perfect shot in varying lighting conditions.
  • EVO II Dual – This model combines an optical and a thermal camera, enabling a range of applications from industrial inspections to search and rescue operations. It’s an invaluable tool for professionals who require thermal imaging capabilities.

Autel EVO Max 4T

  • EVO Max 4T – The latest addition to Autel’s lineup, the EVO Max 4T is a powerhouse designed for the most demanding environments. It features multi-sensor payloads, advanced obstacle avoidance, and impressive imaging options. This drone is ideal for complex industrial applications, including surveying, mapping, and surveillance.

Each drone series by Autel Robotics is tailored to different user needs and applications, from casual photography to professional industrial use. Whether you’re a beginner looking to explore drone photography or a seasoned professional needing advanced capabilities, Autel has a drone to suit your requirements. The diverse range of options ensures that you can find a drone that fits your specific needs, allowing you to capture stunning visuals or perform complex tasks with ease and efficiency.

Is Autel Robotics a Chinese company?

Yes, Autel Robotics is indeed a Chinese company. It operates out of Shenzhen, China, a city renowned for its pivotal role in global electronics and technology innovation. Autel Robotics, a subsidiary of Autel Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., has established itself as a significant player in the drone industry, leveraging the advanced manufacturing and technological capabilities available in its home region. This location in one of China’s primary tech hubs supports the company’s ability to innovate and produce high-quality, competitive drone products. Autel’s presence in Shenzhen also places it in direct competition with other leading drone manufacturers like DJI, which also operates in the same city. This proximity to numerous technology leaders and suppliers allows Autel Robotics to stay at the forefront of drone technology and market trends, making it a key player in the global market for unmanned aerial vehicles.

Is Autel owned by DJI?

No, Autel Robotics is not owned by DJI. Although both companies are major players in the drone industry and operate out of Shenzhen, China, they are entirely independent of each other. Autel Robotics is a subsidiary of Autel Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., which is known for producing a range of automotive diagnostics and aerial drones, while DJI, or Da-Jiang Innovations, operates independently as the global leader in the drone market. The two companies are competitors, often seen vying for market share in various sectors of the drone industry, from consumer and hobbyist drones to more specialized commercial applications. Their competition has even extended into legal battles over patent rights and technology innovations, further emphasizing their positions as distinct and separate entities in both corporate structure and market strategy.

Who is the owner of Autel Robotics?

Autel Robotics is owned by Autel Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. This company is known for its development and production of automotive diagnostic tools and equipment, and it expanded into the drone market with Autel Robotics. The details about the individual ownership or key stakeholders in the company aren’t commonly disclosed in public sources, making specific ownership information a bit harder to pinpoint without insider knowledge or corporate disclosures.

Who are Autel Robotics competitors?

Autel Robotics competes with several key players in the drone market. Here are some of the main competitors:

  1. DJI (Da-Jiang Innovations) – Based in China, DJI is the largest and most influential player in the consumer drone market. They are known for their wide range of drones that are popular among both hobbyists and professionals.
  2. Parrot – A French company that has been in the drone industry for many years. Parrot offers a variety of drones that are especially popular in Europe and are known for their innovations in drone technology.
  3. Skydio – An American company that specializes in autonomous drones. Skydio is recognized for its advanced AI and self-navigating capabilities, making their drones highly effective for both consumer and enterprise applications.
  4. Yuneec – Another significant competitor, Yuneec is based in China and offers a range of drones known for their stability and high-quality video capabilities.
  5. Hubsan – Known for their affordable and compact drones, Hubsan competes primarily in the lower-end market but is gaining recognition for its quality and accessible features.
  6. FIMI Technology – A subsidiary of Xiaomi, FIMI produces drones that are often considered direct competitors to some of DJI’s and Autel’s models, offering good quality at competitive prices.

These companies collectively shape the competitive landscape of the drone market, each bringing different strengths, from high-end professional equipment to more accessible consumer models.


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