The DJI Ryze Tello drone, a small yet mighty contender in the expansive world of drones, carries with it a suite of features and peculiarities that set it apart. Crafted for both the novice and the drone enthusiast, it walks a fine line between accessibility and sophistication, promising an entry into aerial photography without the steep learning curve often associated with its peers.

Major Benefits of the Ryze Tello:

  • Compactness and Lightweight Design: Its small stature makes it incredibly portable and easy to carry, ideal for travel and quick aerial shots​ (Cyber Curios)​.
  • Stable Flight Performance: Thanks to DJI’s flight technology, the Tello boasts precise control and stable flight, even allowing indoor flight, which is a significant advantage for those looking to practice or capture footage in confined spaces​ (Camera Jabber)​.
  • Decent Camera Quality: For its size and price, the Tello offers respectable camera capabilities, capturing 720p HD video and 5MP photos, which, while not groundbreaking, provide a solid introduction to aerial photography​ (Cyber Curios)​.
  • Educational Value: One of the Tello’s unique selling points is its programmability using Scratch, a block-based visual programming language. This feature not only makes it an entertaining drone to fly but also serves as an educational tool, introducing users to basic coding concepts in a practical, engaging manner​ (Camera Jabber)​.
  • User-Friendly Operation: The Tello is renowned for its ease of use, facilitated by a user-friendly mobile app that simplifies drone control and camera operation, making it accessible even to those with no prior flying experience​ (Cyber Curios)​.
  • Affordability: With a price point that undercuts many drones in its category, the Tello presents a low barrier to entry for anyone looking to explore the world of drones without a significant financial commitment​ (Cyber Curios)​.


While the Tello shines in many areas, there are a few aspects where it might fall short compared to more expensive models:

  • The camera resolution and flight time are limited, which could be a drawback for users looking for high-end photography capabilities or longer flight durations​ (Cyber Curios)​.
  • Its reliance on Wi-Fi for operation and the absence of obstacle detection highlight some of the compromises made to achieve its accessible price point​ (Cyber Curios)​.

Despite these considerations, the Ryze Tello stands out for its combination of user-friendly features, educational potential, and affordability. It’s particularly well-suited for beginners, educators, and those looking for a compact drone for casual use or learning the basics of drone piloting and programming​ (Cyber Curios)​​ (Camera Jabber)​​ (Drone Deliver)​.

Personal Experience and Digital Camera World Verdict

Upon unboxing, the Tello impresses with its compact design and lightweight build, suggesting immediate ease of transport and a promise of user-friendliness. Its flight stability, even in mildly challenging conditions, speaks volumes of the technology DJI is known for. The high-resolution camera, while not professional-grade, surprisingly exceeds expectations, capturing detailed and vibrant photos and videos that could easily embellish any social media feed or family album.

The Flip Side: Navigating the Cons

However, the Tello is not without its limitations. Its reliance on Wi-Fi for operation introduces a layer of unpredictability to its performance, tethering its range and responsiveness to the strength of the connection. Additionally, the flight time, capped at a modest 13 minutes, often leaves one yearning for more, a stark reminder of the constraints of compact, budget-friendly drones.

Trustworthiness of Reviews

In the spirit of transparency, it’s crucial to mention the thoroughness that goes into the reviews shared here. Drawing on hands-on experience and a comprehensive exploration of features, these insights aim to guide readers through the nuances of the Tello, highlighting both its prowess and its limitations.

Target Audience

The Tello, with its ease of operation and array of educational opportunities through coding, positions itself as an ideal companion not just for hobbyists but also for educators and students. Its STEM programming potential unlocks a door to learning, making it an invaluable tool in classrooms or coding camps.

Design and Flight Experience

Diving deeper into its design, the Tello’s build quality suggests a thoughtful consideration of its target demographic. The inclusion of propeller guards and a vision positioning system not only enhances safety but also aids in achieving the superior flight stability it’s praised for. The flying experience, powered by a user-friendly app, is both enjoyable and educational, offering a blend of fun and functionality.

The Universe of Tello: Expanding Horizons

What truly sets the Tello apart is its extensibility through additional apps and features. Its compatibility with Scratch programming language, for example, opens up a world of creativity and learning, allowing users to customize their flying experiences and even embark on the basics of drone programming.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the DJI Ryze Tello serves as a testament to DJI’s commitment to bringing drone technology to the masses. Its blend of affordability, ease of use, and a decent suite of features makes it a standout option for those looking to dip their toes into the world of drones without making a significant financial commitment. Whether it’s capturing life’s moments from a new perspective or exploring the basics of coding and drone operation, the Tello offers a gateway to a world of possibilities.


In essence, the DJI Ryze Tello isn’t just a drone; it’s a journey into the expansive skies of drone piloting, a tool for education, and a window to new perspectives. Its allure spans across demographics, proving that sometimes, the best things truly do come in small packages. Whether for play, learning, or stepping into aerial photography, the Tello stands ready to launch users into the air, promising an adventure with every flight.

Get an even brighter insight and holistic review by watching this well-done video by Tom’s Tech Time!

Video Highlights:

  • The Ryze Tello, a lightweight and affordable drone equipped with DJI technology and Intel computing power, offers a user-friendly experience for beginners wanting to learn how to fly drones, capture aerial photos/videos, and even start programming their own drone flight patterns.
  • It features a compact design with dimensions of 9.8 x 9.2 x 4.1 cm and a light takeoff weight of 80 grams, making it unnecessary to register in most countries. Despite its size, the drone boasts impressive specs like brushed motors, a 12-minute flight time, and a vision system for precise hovering, especially indoors.
  • The drone is controlled via a smartphone or tablet, with a practical range of 40 to 50 meters in real-life situations, although this can be extended with a Wi-Fi range extender and a power bank. Optional accessories include a Bluetooth controller for smoother operation.
  • Flight modes include flips, circles, and other maneuvers for creative filming, despite its limitation of recording directly to the connected smartphone, which can lead to choppy video quality. It captures 720p videos and 5MP photos, with options for learning coding through drone programming.
  • The Tello’s downsides include a lack of a micro SD slot for smooth video recording and limited range without additional accessories. However, its advantages like cost-effectiveness, ease of use, coding education potential, and robust flight features make it an excellent entry-level drone.


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