We’ve been dabbling with the DJI Avata Pro View Combo for a little over two weeks, and let us tell you, it’s rapidly risen through the ranks to become one of our top FPV drones. And the accolades don’t just stem from the fun of flying it; it’s also proven its utility in our professional work. The Avata, despite having an unusual controller, has indeed impressed us in this short span.

The Camera – A Snapshot:

Sporting a 1/1.7-inch sensor, the Avata’s camera can shoot in 4K at 60fps with 10-bit color, especially when in D-Cine-like mode. While these specs might impress the tech-geeks, what matters most to me is the visual quality of the output. During a recent escapade to three diverse locations, the motion controller truly showcased its cinematic prowess. The footage was nothing short of breathtaking. But, imagine my surprise when I realized two days later that I hadn’t even updated my firmware, meaning all those shots were in 8-bit! Yet, the footage stood its ground during grading, indicating either my leniency or its genuine quality.

Curiosity led me to a hilltop, awaiting a perfect sunlit moment to launch Avata in its 10-bit video mode glory. I wanted to compare the 8-bit and 10-bit footages post-grading. The conclusion? While there’s no dramatic difference, the 10-bit version offers more flexibility without any compromise on image integrity.

DJI’s In-Camera Stabilization – Rocksteady:

Stabilization is pivotal in capturing smooth, cinematic shots. My take on DJI’s Rocksteady is the same as GoPro’s HyperSmooth. They’re good for FPV but aren’t perfect for my style. Instead, I often turn to post-processing stabilization software. For the Avata, I’ve been playing around with Gyroflow. It took a bit to understand, but its results are nothing less than phenomenal.

Goggles V2 vs. Goggles 2:

I’ve been a fervent user of the Goggles V2. Transitioning to the new Goggles 2 has been an enlightening experience. The newer version is lighter (290 grams compared to 420 grams), more compact, and surprisingly, fits better. They shield my eyes from external light entirely, offer crystal-clear visuals, and also include features like adjustable diopters for people with glasses, an auto on/off feature, and an audio playback system with built-in speakers.

Motion Controller – The Game Changer:

While the motion controller might not scream ‘pro’ at first glance, it’s an innovative addition. Though primarily designed to offer a fun and immersive experience, especially for beginners, it has potential professional applications. Case in point, on just my second day with the Avata, I used it for a property video shoot, and the results? My clients were over the moon.

Well, even though many jump are quickly into the manual mode, there’s a world of potential with the motion controller. The Avata’s versatility is its strength, bridging the gap between casual flights and professional videography. As I delve deeper into the Avata’s capabilities, my mantra remains—master and optimize.

Learning Made Easy with Avata
Diving into the FPV world, the DJI Avata Pro View Combo quickly stands out as a beginner-friendly choice. But what particularly stands out to me is its auto-hover and brake functions. A simple release of the accelerator or a tap on the brake button, and voilà! The drone hovers in place. Whether it’s the thrill of capturing challenging moments or the occasional nerve-wracking scenarios, the ability to take my hand off the controller, remove the goggles, and take a breather is game-changing.

When Adrenaline Kicks In
Flying a drone can sometimes lead to shaky hands, especially during intense moments. It’s not just about the excitement, but the raw adrenaline that floods in. Having the luxury to take a quick pause, place the controller down, and shake off the nervousness has already proved invaluable.

Pack Light, Aim High
The past involved lugging around a plethora of gear: drone, controller, goggles, GoPro, batteries, and so much more. All of this called for a dedicated bag. Now, with the Avata? Just the essentials. The drone, controller, goggles, and battery. This combo’s compactness is revolutionary, seamlessly fitting into my everyday camera bag.

New Heights with Avata

Embarking on the FPV journey, the ease of getting started with the DJI Avata Pro View Combo is truly remarkable. With intuitive features like auto-hover and brake functionalities, flying has never been more straightforward. Whether you’re a newbie taking your first flight or a seasoned pilot, the Avata is engineered to enhance your experience.

From Intense Thrills to Momentary Pause

The exhilaration of flight can sometimes be overwhelming. The intensity, the scenery, the speed—all converging into a single potent experience. But there are moments when we need a break, especially when adrenaline kicks in. Thankfully, with Avata’s unique hover and brake features, taking that much-needed pause is just a button away.

Efficiency & Design: A Winning Combo
The ease of setting up the Avata, combined with its compact design, is a winning duo. Simply power on the devices, put on the headset, and with a quick double press, the drone is up in the sky. Design-wise, the Avata screams premium. It’s sleek, cable-free, boasts an impressive battery life, and features like the O3 camera system and strategic motor placement underscore its professional aesthetic.

Flight Performance & Storage
My initial flights in the normal and sports mode have been promising. While it feels slightly different from the power of a 5-inch drone, its nimbleness is hard to overlook. When it comes to storing footage, the drone doesn’t disappoint. Although accessing the SD card can be a tad fiddly, the inclusion of 20GB of internal storage is a lifesaver, especially for forgetful moments.

Final Take: Avata Pro View Combo
To wrap it up, the DJI Avata Pro View Combo is a fantastic package for both rookies and veterans. The motion controller brings versatility for both recreational and professional needs. While my exploration with this drone is still in its early days, I am eager to delve deeper and offer more insights.

For those interested in getting their hands on the DJI Avata or related accessories, check out this affiliate link:



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